Dear parents and guardians,

As an independent provider of special education consulting and advocacy, I help families in Northern Virginia who have children with IEPs (Individualized Education Programs) navigate the special education system to ensure they get the appropriate services and placements for their students.  I regularly attend IEP meetings together with my clients. As many parents and guardians of children with disabilities have experienced, getting the right services for your child often is a struggle because the school system tries to limit its resources to a minimum. I have been advocating for children with special needs for over 17 years.   As a mother of two daughters with IEPs in the state of Virginia, I have gone through many IEP situations from preschool to post-secondary.   As a professional consultant I have been retained by parents, grandparents and guardians alike for coaching and IEP advocacy.

There are myriad of areas that need to be considered during the IEP process. It is a good idea to involve an experienced third-party advocate like me, who has the knowledge and commitment to guide you through the IEP process. We create a plan of action and prioritize your child’s needs in order to achieve the desired goals.

Together we build a brighter future for her or him.

If you would like to contact me for an initial consultation, please call (703) 606-1698 or email me at

With kind regards,

Tia Marsili


What’s an IEP?

“Special education services are based on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) which is developed with the parents of each child who is eligible. The IEP is a written plan that describes the student’s learning needs and the special education services to be provided to meet those needs. The IEP is quite comprehensive, including goals, curriculum, testing and assessments, and details concerning the level and extent of student participation. It also addresses any needed transition services for life after school.” (Fairfax County website)


Tia Marsili is a special education consultant and advocate. Tia helps families with special ed students to navigate the maze of local, state and federal regulations and advocates on their behalf. Find a list of her services here.

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Tia Marsili

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